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DeLand Area Chamber and Orange City Business Alliance

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  • Vision

    The DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce will advance the growth and stability of our business community.

  • Mission

    The DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce will be an advocate for its members by helping the business community identify and respond to challenges, providing opportunities for networking, education and deliberation, and developing community leaders.

  • Strategic Plan

    It is essential that the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce use the foundation of its 132 year history to reach higher and evolve to address the ever changing community in which we live.  This Strategic Plan is intended to provide a roadmap for the continuing growth and development of the Chamber, while preserving the core values that make the DeLand Area unique.


  • Member Services

    Goal 1.  In order to serve the changing needs of its members, the Chamber will identify important issues that affect the business community and will implement programs to address those needs.


    1.1  The Chamber will survey the membership to identify its needs.

    1.2  Based on survey information, the Chamber will use the committee structure to vet issues and recommend strategies or develop programs to aid its members.

    Goal 2. The Chamber will provide networking and marketing opportunities for its members and will develop new programs to reach out to underserved areas of the business community.
      2.1  The Chamber will encourage the formation of trade groups within its membership.
    Goal 3. The Chamber shall continuously evaluate its communication with members and develop new strategies to ensure effective communication.


    3.1  The Chamber Newsletter, electronic communications and website will be evaluated to ensure that all communications provide value to Chamber members.

    3.2  The Chamber receives a broad range of  information on a regular basis that may be of value to its members.  The Chamber will disseminate that information in a timely manner.

  • Civic Leadership

    Goal 1.  The DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce will provide leadership relating to issues that are important to the business community. 

    1.1  The Chamber will poll its members to develop positions that serve their interests.

    1.2  The Chamber will regularly prioritize and publish issues of importance to its members.

    1.3  In circumstances where advocating one position over another may not clearly advance the interests of its members, the Chamber shall provide programs to educate its members and the community on the competing sides of an issue.

    Goal 2.   The Chamber will engage in or develop strategic regional partnerships and initiatives to advance the interests of its members and secure benefits from the regional economy.
      2.1  The Chamber will explore opportunities for coordination and partnerships within Volusia County and the greater Orlando metropolitan region that expand business opportunities for its members.
    Goal 3.   To secure the future of the DeLand Area, the Chamber will provide opportunities for leadership development.


    3.1  Leadership DeLand and the DeLand Area School of Government are key programs that advance the development of new generations of leaders within our community.  The Chamber will continuously evaluate these programs and implement changes to improve them as needed.

    3.2  The Chamber should consider developing a Young Professionals group or organization designed to engage new and emerging business leaders.

  • Education & Community Outreach

    Goal 1. The Chamber should take advantage of the availability of local institutes of higher learning and shall explore opportunities to establish programs and partnerships with them.
    Goal 2. The Chamber will develop and implement new educational programs and partnerships where the potential to improve the overall quality of the educational system exists.
    Goal 3. The Chamber will identify and coordinate opportunities for its members to improve the overall strength and wellbeing of the business community.

  • Administration & Finance

    Goal 1. 

    The Board of Directors will work with the Executive Director to develop strategies to improve the overall financial position of the Chamber.
    Goal 2.  All events and fundraising activities shall strive to maximize the return to the Chamber on the efforts of the staff, members and volunteers.
    Goal 3.  As this Strategic Plan is implemented, it is expected that additional staff will be needed to support the ongoing efforts of the Chamber.  To support this Goal, the Board and Executive Director shall develop a business plan to accommodate expected increasing demands on staff.