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DeLand Area Chamber and Orange City Business Alliance

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  • Democratic Club of Northwest Volusia County

    Democratic Club of Northwest Volusia County



    About Us

    In short, we believe in Justice and Equality for All.

    This includes fighting for:

    Economic Justice
    - Livable wage & fair compensation for all, and in building an economy that capitalizes on human potential rather than human suffering
    - Social Security, economic security in retirement
    - Tax Fairness - large corporations & wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share

    Social Justice
    - We believe in equality for all, and we realize that the wellbeing of all serves our democracy and the health of our economy
    - Healthcare is a human right that must be guaranteed to every American
    - Education, right to quality public education from Pre-K through college
    - Restorative Justice, building a judicial system that is truly just

    Environmental Justice
    - Environmental protections for the health and safety of all Americans and future generations
    - Renewable energy
    - Clean water and food

    Domestic Justice
    - Voting rights, voting is both a right and a responsibility for every American
    - Campaign finance reform, get money out of politics
    - Immigration policy guided by law rather than fear. International law requires a country to provide safety for asylum seekers
    - Peace & security - we believe that peace is our best protection