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DeLand Area Chamber and Orange City Business Alliance

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  • Corner Office Enterprises, LLC

    Corner Office Enterprises, LLC


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    About Us

    Problem: Businesses lose money every day through ineffective operations, misappropriated finances, and marketing and advertising that doesn't work well enough.

    Solution: We make your business more effective and efficient so you increase your company's bottom line. Period. We work in all areas of your company – finances, operations, teams, marketing. We guarantee your net revenue will be higher with our double your investment guarantee.

    Let us find your business money that you can reinvest or take as profits. We can find any business $30-50K in 45 minutes without spending a cent on marketing and advertising.

    We are out to increase the amount of money that Volusia County and Central Florida businesses earn, after spending the past 18 years working with companies around the country and around the globe. It's time for our businesses to be more profitable so we raise our stand of living.

    Want some strategies to start making money right away? Get the book at bit.ly/yourmoneybook